How To Clip Into Peloton Bike Properly?

Whenever we think of the Peloton Bike, the first thing that comes to mind is its incredible weight. Weighing around 140 lbs, it becomes almost impossible to pick it up and move, although rolling it seems easier and the better option. The handlebars need to be adjusted properly as well, and that can prove to be difficult to adjust. But the main concern one faces with the Peloton bike is clipping on to the Peloton Pedal Cages. Through this article, we aim to clarify the common misunderstandings and queries related to clipping on to the bike.


How To Clip Into Peloton Bike Properly

The basic issue that users of the Peloton bike face is attaching and detaching the shoes from the pedals or simply clipping on and off the bike. The majority of users face immense trouble clipping onto the bike pedals. While some manage to clip on to the Peloton pedal Cages after much difficulty, many find it next to impossible clipping off of them.


Clipping In 

Clipping In peloton problem

  1. Stand with both your legs placed on either side of the Peloton bike beside the pedal.
  2. Choose your dominant side and bring its pedal to the 6’o clock position, i.e., at the bottom of its circumference.
  3. Place your dominant feet on the pedal and while it is facing up, point your toes down on it and try to fit the cleat of your boot into the opening.
  4. While doing that, you must push down using your heel, and you can feel it snap into place with a click sound.
  5. Repeat similar actions for the other foot.
  6. Once both feet are into place, wiggle the side of your shoe to the side. Also ensure that they are attached to their place securely.


Clipping out

  1. Once you have completed your workout and are ready to clip out of the Peloton pedal cages, kick your heel towards the outside with a considerably moderate force.
  2. You are bound to feel some resistance while doing this, but ensure that the force is within limits and try kicking outwards.
  3. As your feet click out, it will be free from the cages. Repeat similar action on the other foot.


Pro tips

  • You can try putting your entire weight on the pedal by holding down on the resistance knobs if you face further problems while clipping in and out of them.
  • Loosening the tension screw placed at the bottom isn’t a recommended option, as loosening it beyond the desired point can damage the pedal extensively.


Consumers who have faced this problem are very eager to work out a solution for this, but the essence of the problem lies in its roots. If you can properly clip on to the Peloton pedal cages, then it shouldn’t be a problem clipping out of them. These issues appear when the correct technique is not followed. So let us browse through the right process and help those in need. We hope we help you to solve your problem on how to clip into the Peloton bike properly.