You have ordered a Peloton bicycle. You’re now officially a part of the World of Peloton. It would be best to wait for your delivery Peloton may have its delivery team in certain areas but most often uses XPO delivery men to set up your bike. It will take you no time to get on your bike. But do you tip Peloton delivery?

Answered: Do You Tip Delivery on Pelotons?

You should tip peloton delivery drivers, especially if they were helpful and did a good job. However, if you were not satisfied with the delivery of your questions were not answered, don’t leave a tip.

Peloton states that tipping your Peloton delivery crew is entirely optional. Tipping your Peloton delivery team is entirely optional and at your own discretion. While you don’t have to tip your Peloton delivery team, it is appreciated.

Tipping is recommended if the installers did more than expected, such as carrying the bike up long stairs. Even though delivery is included in the purchase price, you still have to pay for it. The delivery fee was previously $250. You don’t have to tip if it is an easy delivery.

A $20 tip is recommended if you wish to leave a tip for your Pelton bike after being assembled. You can tip however much you like, but Peloton’s delivery people earn a decent wage above the minimum wage. It is best to have at least two bills, so you can tip each person individually if you wish.

Introduction to Delivery

Peloton will deliver your Peloton bike directly to your home and set it up for free. Then, your Peloton bike will be delivered to you the next day.

You cannot pick up the bike in-store. However, you can have the bike shipped to your home for installation. Peloton will notify you when your bike is ready for shipment. These automated calls will inform you of the delivery time and date.

Peloton cyclists are guaranteed to set up their bikes correctly with delivery and installation. This increases customer satisfaction and reduces returns. In addition, the Peloton bike can be assembled by anyone, even if you’re not a skilled mechanic. However, Peloton’s bike weighs 135 lbs, so it is best to have it installed by a Peloton technician.

What Does Peloton Delivery Do?

Peloton will deliver your preassembled bike to your home. Once it is there, they will power it on, test that the touchscreen works, and stabilize it. They will then wipe it down and give you helpful suggestions. Finally, they will provide instructions on how to activate your account. After installing your bike, they will remove all packaging materials. This is a white glove delivery.

Tipping Peloton Delivery and FedEx

Peloton delivery differs from FedEx delivery in that the peloton crew brings the bike/tread to you and takes 30-40 minutes to help you set it up. Then, FedEx and UPS deliver the parcels.

The peloton delivery team will also be happy to provide detailed information about both the hardware and software. They can also help you set up your bike and adjust the handlebar distance, if necessary if you have never tried cycling shoes before.

This may seem small, but it is crucial for those who have never tried indoor cycling.

Does peloton require tipping? Tipping the bike delivery team of the peloton is an optional behavior. Individual customs determine the social norm for rewarding satisfied and helpful service. Moreover, it is not compulsory since you have already paid upfront for it.

How many Peloton Delivery Guys Will There Be?

You will have 2 to 3 delivery men. If you wish to tip them individually, smaller bills will come in handy.

What Tip Should You Give?

There are many options for how much you should tip for delivery. A setup and install delivery tip are usually around $20. Most people will tip a setup and install a tip of around $20.

How to Tip for Peloton Bike Delivery

It would help if you tipped your peloton driver when you are satisfied with the service and your bike is adjusted to your needs. If you live in an apartment complex, the delivery men must carry all your boxes up.

Your economy and the amount of notes you have will determine how much money you can give. You can also offer a soda or bottled water as a gratuity if you don’t have any money.

Before my peloton was delivered, I added “tips” to my delivery checklist. This was right next to the number and type of questions I wanted. I made sure to have $20 notes prepared for each guy so that they didn’t forget.

A delivery driver for companies like Peloton often only gets their wages as compensation for their time.

However, if you were not happy with your delivery, the drivers were late, or you had to assemble everything yourself, you shouldn’t tip.

Why Tip in this Situation?

Your Peloton will most likely be delivered by a third-party delivery team like XPO or directly by Peloton. They do a difficult job and are not paid well, but they will deliver your bike quickly and smile.

It would help if you considered asking their delivery team for assistance in assembling the bike. In addition, you should consider offering the support staff a couple of extra dollars if you do this.

Who Delivers my Peloton Bike to Me?

The delivery and installation of your Peloton bike will take place by either the Peloton delivery crew or XPO Logistik, their third-party delivery contractor. The bike will arrive at your home and be set up in the space of your choice.

COVID-19 – Does Peloton offer Contactless Delivery?

Peloton now offers contactless delivery. This will allow you to have your bike delivered directly to your door. Preassembled bikes will be delivered to your home to reduce the spread of covid-19. The bike will arrive at your apartment or home and be placed in your chosen space. The delivery team will clean the bike once it is placed. It does not require a signature.

Delivery Timeframe: How Long Does It Take To Deliver Your Peloton?

Peloton delivery times vary depending on where you live and when you order.

However, most orders will be delivered within the following timeframes.

  • Bike: 2 to 3 weeks
  • Bike+: 2 – 3 weeks
  • Tread: Tread’s current delivery times for the Peloton treadmill are 3-5 weeks.
  • Tread+: Tread+ orders have a delivery period of 3-5 weeks.
  • Bike Mat: In 5 to 7 days, your sweat-catching mat for your bike will be delivered.

Peloton’s shipping times tend to increase during periods of high demand. However, we have heard about people getting an earlier delivery date by regularly checking in with Peloton customer service.

The Peloton Experience

Peloton is an exclusive, premium cycling experience that revolves around Peloton classes. These classes are available in live or archived formats. Peloton Studio instructors are highly motivating and well-known for teaching the classes. Indoor cycling classes can be done in the comfort of your own home rather than at a gym.

Peloton is addictive because you can compete against other people taking the same classes. It doesn’t matter if you compete against the entire class or just your age and gender.

The Peloton classes are what make Peloton so much fun. However, the $39 monthly subscription to Peloton All Access Membership is required. The bike is less fun and more challenging without membership. It’s also harder to stay motivated. Peloton bikes are expensive. You will need to pay $39 per month ($468 per annum) to enjoy all the Peloton’s benefits.

What Does a Peloton Bicycle Cost?

What is the Peloton bike’s actual cost after considering the monthly membership fee? Answer: $6,175 plus tax for ten years, or $3,835 plus taxes for five years. Although $6,175 may seem like a lot, it is not prohibitive to have a gym membership or be healthy.

Peloton may sell their bikes at cost, while Peloton memberships make the most money. Memberships can be highly profitable as there is no additional cost for each subscriber to the class. A traditional cycling class limits the space available and the number of bikes a coach can use. Peloton instructors can host thousands of riders in one session, and they can reach them long after the session is over via the recorded session. It’s a great business model, and it gives you a great workout at home.


Tipping for the delivery of pelotons is voluntary. However, all are welcome to pay for any service received.

People who get tips in the United States are typically bartenders and barbers, hairstylists, and casino croupiers. Housekeeping staff, taxi drivers, taxi drivers, and restaurant employees.

It is common to tip other services such as delivery drivers, contractors, chiropractors, and massage therapists.

Your budget and delivery quality will determine how much tip you give the peloton boys.